Applying truth to
  • define purpose
  • reimagine futures
  • unify leadership
  • shape identity
  • drive business

Off-Grid is the strategic advisory firm that’s all-in on truth.

On finding it, validating it, and applying it to overcome your most complex strategic and creative business challenges.

Truth - A Manifesto

A one minute read

Terrence McKenna said ‘If the truth can be told so as to be understood, it will be believed’.

Truth is our one word. Once revealed and shared, it cannot be knocked down or contested, diluted or derided. Truth sinks deep into the heart and mind. Transcending politics, bridging silos, and uniting disparate voices, it fuses strategy, purpose and brand communications in a singular, potent Organising Idea.

Truth has never been in greater demand. People are starving for it. And when they sense it, they know it. And they respond to it intuitively and powerfully.

A one minute read

When we tap into something your audience already knows to be true, you begin the conversation with them from a place of empathy, authenticity, and trust. There’s no better place to start.

Tapping into truth is not just a win for our clients and their customers. For us there is no other way. We are led by the search for truth. We seek it in places others don’t imagine – or dare – to look. And when we think we’ve found it, we interrogate it relentlessly to ensure it holds up.

We believe truth is the best foundation for creating the future you want.

What will yours be?

The Organizing Idea






research & material review

competitor analysis

stakeholder Interviews


data + anecdotes








brand narrative

values & personality


creative concept

verbal & visual Identity

brand guidelines







  • Advisory
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Broadcast
  • Cloud
  • Construction
  • Consumer goods
  • Cyber
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Fintech
  • Foodtech
  • Gaming
  • Government
  • Health & Wellness
  • Hospitality
  • Logistics
  • Luxury
  • Mobile
  • Mobility
  • Non-profit
  • Pharma
  • Search
  • Semiconductors
  • Storage
  • Sustainability
  • Telecoms
  • Venture Capital
  • 3D Printing


Aclim8—Alstom—Amazon AWS—Amdocs—American Express—aMoon—Ayalon Highways— Bank Hapoalim—BetterPlace—Brown Hotels—Camtek—Capitec—Cellcom—Cisco—Coca-Cola—Dan Hotels—Drivenets
E.ON—Ever After Foods—Exigent—Ferrari—Ford—GKH—General Motors—Goldfarb— Google—Guidehouse—HOT—Intel—Ironsource—Iveco—Jefferies—Jerusalem Venture Partners—Kosovo
LG——Medtronic—Mavoi Satum—MTS—Moovit—Motorola—NCR—NDS—Naturgy—Neogames—Novartis Orange—Orbotech—Peres Center for Peace—Pico Partners—Powtoon—Procter & Gamble—Skai— Rapaport Diamonds—Remy Martin—Sandisk—Sentia—Shikun ve’Binui—Sight Diagnostics— Sivan—Stratasys—Strauss—SundaySky—Surgimate
Tadiran—Telmap—Teva—Tufin—Unpacked—Varo Money—Vibe Israel—Viola VC—Wild Bio—World Economic Forum—Xjet


Our work has been recognised by:

Hillary Clinton
Tony Blair
Emmanuel Macron
Shimon Peres
US Congress
US State Department
Red Cross
United Nations

Awards received include:

Cannes Festival of Creativity
Golden Drum
M&M London

Our Services


Insights & analysis
Organisational purpose
Stakeholder alignment
Strategy articulation
Brand architecture & naming
Messaging & positioning
Brand narrative


Visual identity
Digital product & service design
User interface
Customer journey
Experience design


Future org
Brand activation
Business & cultural alignment

Strategy, brand articulation and design — optimally aligned to deliver material business impact.


Assaf Guery

Co-founder, Managing Partner

A creative-business entrepreneur, Assaf founded the Israeli office of global design firm frogdesign in 1999, and then served as VP business development for Europe.

He went on to cofound nascent, a company he led as CEO from 2005 through to its acquisition by global design firm Designit in 2013.

After running the US office of Designit in San Francisco, in 2017 Assaf cofounded Varo Bank, a SF based mobile bank valued at over $2.5B, where he served as chief design officer, with responsibility for product research, product design and corporate brand strategy.

A portrait and landscape photographer, Assaf loves to explore off-road and camp solo.

Guy Gordon

Co-founder, Chief Strategist

Guy is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning strategist with an 18-year track record. He cut his teeth at Saatchi & Saatchi, where he was a senior planner, leading strategy for the branding of Kosovo following the country’s declaration of independence, among other high profile campaigns.

Guy decided to leave the agency in 2012 to spearhead complex strategy-driven projects for organisations and brands in Israel and abroad. Most recently Guy founded and led Digital Innovation Storytelling for Amazon Web Services EMEA.

A keen ultra-runner, open-water swimmer, and free-diver, Guy finds solace and creative inspiration in nature’s extreme challenges.

Our 8 Tenets


Industry agnostic by design

Our truth-based methodology is universal and we’ve applied it to a bewilderingly wide spectrum of Industries. Working agnostically allows us to identify patterns and cross-pollinate our insights and learning across multiple industries.


Domain experience is not a prerequisite

Objectivity and fresh perspective trump the shorter learning curve afforded by familiarity. Evidently, what’s holding organizations back is not a surplus of domain expertise. They have it in spades yet they find themselves wanting an objective set of fresh eyes.


Focused on results — not married to process

Beautiful charts presenting a clear linear process look great. The truth however is often much messier. To get to clarity you often have to cut through chaos. We do it using an adaptive, interdisciplinary toolkit.


We thrive in complex situations

We have a proclivity for bringing clarity to complex situations. From highly competitive, regulated industries to organisations beset by political standoffs or those reaching an inflection point.


Disarmingly human, refreshingly honest

We’re bullish on people and transparency. We take our work seriously, not ourselves. We’ll never purport to know something if we don’t. With us there are no angles, just truth.


For us, it’s all about the work

We’ve spent our working lives solving intractable problems for organisations the world over. More than what we do, it’s a major part of who we are. In the quest for truth, there is no place for ego.


Touch hearts as well as minds

85% of human decisions are driven by emotion. A story needs to resonate deeply on a psychological level before compelling metrics can influence a business decision. Our strategic narratives are as emotive as they are rationally persuasive.


There is no ‘like’ or ‘don’t like’

We believe in dialectical debate, not personal preference. The question is never ‘do I like it?’, rather is this the right call for our organisation, our brand, our audience, our stakeholders?

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Assaf Guery

Guy Gordon